CCTV Cameras

Round-The-Clock CCTV Monitoring Of Your Business



Get Exceptional Protection 24/7 with our CCTV Service

At IST (Innovative Service Technology), we give you the power to see exactly what’s been happening in your business 24 hours a day 365 days from any location and any device. Nothing is left to question. The moment an incident occurs you can check your irrefutable record and take the action to make sure it never happens again.

CCTV system is even more useful as a deterrent. The mere sight of a camera is enough to make people think twice before taking any wrong action. It is most effective if people can see a monitor displaying a live feed. CCTV also deters threats from within your own business, particularly to cash and stock.


CCTV really helps where staff interact with the public. It protects staff, supervises staff, guides training programs, and ensures cash and stock are handled honestly.

It is in this area that you will get the greatest payback and peace of mind.So, don’t wait and reach out to us.